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i have to get up in about 7 hours so i’ll do more top 5s tomorrow


@CrystalmReed Overwhelmed with Gratitude in this moment. Life is beautiful. Sending Love and Wonder to you all. Be a child today:) xxoo

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here is what you know about
my daughter, brother dear:

she is beautiful like summer
shining in the skies, and kind
like flowers sharing their light
with all the world.

she is endlessly hopeful like
rainbows at the end of storms
and she brings happiness
wherever she goes, trailing
roses behind her feet.

here is what you don’t know
about your queen, brother dear:

she is clever and she is able,
enough so to turn a nightmare
into her own coronation.

(of course she knew what
pomegranate seeds could do —
she is a girl, but she is not young.)

she is strong, and she must be
to rule at your side in hell.
didn’t you ever wonder why
the dead took to her so easily?

she is sweet like summer,
wild like rain, and she will be
your undoing, for she is to be
your queen.


from demeter, with love — cllarafrey

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Nathalie Emmanuel appreciation post

tbh when i read the asshole aus posts i was like “why are we wasting our time on angsty casual arson aus when we can have this”


camillamacaulayy asked:
top five selfies top five smells top five ships

selfies (or really just pictures of me cause i dont take a lot of selfies)


  • spices cooking and stuff like that
  • wood working classrooms
  • fresh cut grass
  • gingerale
  • chocolate ofc


  • in a shocking turn of events: macdennis
  • dennisdee
  • camilla/charles
  • renly/loras
  • casual arson tbh

rhllors asked:
top 5 morally ambiguous white boys (dont actually have to be white)


guys let’s do the ask me top 5 thing again

offended i only got one

the way emily talks about her boyfriend… 

tru romance my friends

Has the death of Davos’s son changed his character at all, in a way that you’ve noticed?

Liam Cunningham: You could tell there was a fantastic relationship between the two of them, and I think the relationship with Shireen has developed because he’s lacking his one son, which I think was seven sons in the book. I think what’s great is that, in the show, we’re able to show that this guy’s a good dad, and he’s probably the only dad that Shireen has, and she’s comfortable around him.(x)

harrystreadaways asked:
top five (canon/ non-canon) bisexual characters

guys let’s do the ask me top 5 thing again

Oh my god. He likes Roseanne? Okay, this is— this is your new sexual partner.